Venice WebConnect

WebConnect is a web service designed to enable third party software to access Venice data on the ASP platform. You can get, add or modify documents or records in a dossier. It can be used as a standard REST web service. Data can be handled in Json or XML format. In order to use the web service you need to activate web access in your dossier on the ASP platform. After the activation you can access the data via WebConnect. On this page you can find all information on how to use WebConnect.

Using Web API

To address the web service a request is used, consisting of 3 parts:

WebConnect is built on the CRUD-principle. Each specific action (Create, Read, Update and Delete) requires a specific request method.

The web service returns a status containing the result of the operation or an error explaining what went wrong. In case of a Read operation you will also get a response body.

To get a jump start we have developed examples in C# and VB and added some information about cross-origin resource sharing.

Check out the API page for more information about the different web service calls.


WebConnect allows you to perform advanced queries to consume the Venice data by providing an OData (Open Data Protocol) 4.0 API.