Read customers cards

You use this method to read one or more customer cards.

Request method


Request url{DossierId}/Customer?{Key}={KeyValues}[&fields={FieldList}]

Context identification

Identification Description
DossierId The unique identifier of the dossier.


Parameter Description
{Key} The available keys to seek one or more customers:
  • SystemNumber={SystemNumber}: Seek customer cards by system number.
  • NumberPair={Number}<tab>{SubNumber}: Seek customer cards by number and subnumber.
  • SyncReference={SyncReference}: Seek customer cards by synchronization reference.

List of fields, containing property names of the customer card, of which the value has to be returned in the response body. (optional)

Remark: If this list contains invalid field names an exception will be thrown.

Example: Get the customer card with number '2' and subnumber '1' from dossier 'Demo' and limit the data to the following fields: 'Name', 'PostalCode' and 'City'.,PostalCode,City

Request header

See request header.

Request body


Http status

See http status.

Response body

You can receive the response in json or xml.


Response (object)


  "Response": {
    "Customers": {
      "Customer": [
          "Fields" : {
            "Name": "My customer NV",
            "PostalCode": "8200",
            "City": "Brugge"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <Name>My customer NV</Name>