Read the country fields

You use this method to read the countries.

Request method


Request url{DossierId}/Country?{Key}={KeyValues}[&fields={FieldList}]

Context identification

Identification Description
DossierId The unique identifier of the dossier.


Parameter Description
{Key} The available keys to seek one or more country codes:
  • SystemNumber={SystemNumber}: Seek country cards by system number.
  • CountryCode={CountryCode}: Seek country cards by country code.
Fields List of fields, containing property names of the country card, of which the value has to be returned in the response body. (optional)
Example: Get the country card with country code 'BE' from dossier 'Demo' and limit the data to the following fields: 'CountryCode' and 'NameNld'.,NameNld

Request header

See request header.

Request body


Http status

See http status.

Response body

You can receive the response in json or xml.


Response (object)


  "Response": {
    "Countries": {
      "Country": [
          "Fields" : {
            "CountryCode": "BE",
            "NameNld": "België"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>