Read requests

You use this method to read all the WebConnect requests that were made by the user, optionally limited to a given date range.

Request method


Request url[PeriodFrom={Date}]&[PeriodTo={Date}]


Parameter Description
PeriodFrom Start date of the limiting date range (format: yyyy-MM-dd). Optional, from the start when omitted.
PeriodTo End date of the limiting date range (format: yyyy-MM-dd). Optional, to the end when omitted.
Example: Get all the WebRequests made in January 2021.

Request header

See request header.

Request body


Http status

See http status.

Response body

You can receive the response in json or xml.


Response (object)
  • LogEntries (array)
    • LogEntry (array item)
      • WebRequestId: Identification number of the WebConnect call.
      • StartTime: Date and time the call was received.
      • EndTime: Date and time the call was completed and a response was sent back. May be blank when a call failed or when a call is still in progress.
      • DossierId: Identification of the dossier (blank if no dossier was applicable)
      • ServiceType: Which service was called (One of the values: InternalLogging, WebService or OData).
      • RequestType: Type of request (One of the values: Create, Read, Update or Delete)
      • FinancialYear: Financial year (0 if no financial year was applicable)
      • ControllerName: Name of the controller, ex. Dossier, Customer, SalesOrder,...
      • IpAddress: Originating IP addres (IPv4 or IPv6).
      • Parameters: URL parameters passed to the controller.


  "Response": {
    "LogEntries": {
      "LogEntry": [
          "WebRequestId": "92144",
          "StartTime": "2021-01-31 10:00:00",
          "EndTime": "2021-01-31 10:00:01",
          "DossierId": "",
          "ServiceType": "WebService",
          "RequestType": "Read",
          "FinancialYear": "0",
          "ControllerName": "Venice",
          "IpAddress": "",
          "Parameters": ""
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <StartTime>2021-01-31 10:00:00</StartTime>
      <EndTime>2021-01-31 10:00:01</EndTime>
      <DossierId />